Better Health and Fitness
Better Health and Fitness

Back, Biceps, Quadriceps and Hamstrings

In this second weightlifting article I want to start by hoping that you are not feeling to sore from your first workout, you will make short term gains regardless but you will want to have interest in doing weights over the long term. Today I want to go over the benefits of strength training as well as go over the Tuesday/Friday workouts.

There are many great benefits to doing weight training. The first benefit is that extra muscle mass will burn more calories allow you either to eat more food or lose fat quicker. The second benefit is that you will improve your posture and the way you move on a daily basis as you will get rid of those little aches and pains caused by weak core muscles. And finally you will feel better about yourself because of the changes that YOU are making to your body.

Here are the Tuesday / Friday exercises

Back, Bent over Rows, to do a row you hold a light weight in your hand and put your right knee on one chair and your right hand on another chair now with your back straight raise you left hand parallel with your body and slightly back so that the stress is on your upper back muscles. Do three sets of ten repetitions of this with each arm.

Biceps, Curls, You should probably know how to do these but hold both arms down to your sides and curl your arms up towards your shoulders and then back down. Do three sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Quadriceps, Squats, to do squats stand straight up and then lower your body by bending your knees until you are about half way down to the ground and then bring your body back up. Do three sets of 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Hamstrings, Leg Curls, stand straight up holding your arms on the back of a chair and raise you right foot behind you until it is parallel to the ground without moving your upper leg, bring your leg back down and repeat this 10 times on each leg. Do three sets of this exercise.

You now have an exercise to do with each muscle group. As you work these exercises over the next few weeks you may get tired of doing the same exercise every workout. Look around the internet for more different exercises or even buy a book or two.

Copyright 2005 Bill Nadraszky
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