Better Health and Fitness
Better Health and Fitness

Fitness Tip - Power Of Dramatic Change

Usually people do things in half measures. I have in all of my articles talked about the things you can do to make a change and most of them are not particularly hard. Take a look back now at all of the changes that I have put forward. Are you comfortable with each of these changes? Probably. But once all of these changes are instituted you are looking at a whole new you, a new outlook, a new body, a new way of looking at eating as well as exercise.

Most change in life that is really serious and permanent comes from radical changes. When you make a break from the past and change the way that you look at all things in your life you are changing a paradigm and you never need look back. I have been in points in my life in the past where I would look at some kind of exercise or lifestyle change and would kind of chuckle saying "No, I couldn't do that" and six months later I am at that point.

I would like to pop up some role models that you can look at to see what is in fact possible. First lets look at Lance Armstrong, as many of us know Lance Armstrong endured cancer and came back to win the Tour De France seven times. Here are a few things that make Lance Armstrong seem like a normal guy: he has 2 kids, and a failed marriage, part way through his first Tour De France he considered quitting, he came from a trailer park in Texas. Now let’s look at what it takes to do what he does. He leads a team of seven riders that protect his position in the race, he rides 3500 KM in 21 days and in the last Tour De France he only won one stage but was so close to the lead in every other stage that he was able to easily win overall. One more person would be Bill Clinton, like him or not Bill Clinton cam from a very poor family, a broken home, put himself through university to become a lawyer which should have been tough enough but this gave him a chance to become a politician and to become the governor of Arkansas and finally to beat all the "backwoods" stereotype attitudes from the rest of the country to finally become president. Just so we could look at him again as a real person, Bill Clinton committed infidelity within his marriage and is now trying to rise up again as a great international statesman.

Both of these stories teach us that anyone can do great things and that there can be doubt and setbacks to our great changes. The other thing that we see is that most people are normal people and that we can pull ourselves to succeed

Copyright 2005 Bill Nadraszky
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